I’ve been out of college a year. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but I’m discovering as I become a little older that the years simply seem to fly by faster the older you get. It was something I was depressed about for a while. However, once I became aware of it, it seemed I developed a skill for slowing time down. No, not literally slowing time down, but for realizing that this moment and that moment here and there were ones that needed to be savored and memorized because they were moments that didn’t need to be rushed. It has helped significantly in the adult rush of life department.

In terms of speaking of savoring the moment, I have decided to travel the world for the next two years and log my adventures. My hope one day is to be paid for what I write so I can continue traveling; however, until then, I will simply entertain my fan base and make memories for myself to look back on.

I am someone in search of their path. I believe that everyone has something in this life that they were meant to do, whether it’s to create art, preach to the lost,  help the less fortunate or be a mother. All are noble careers and there are those who are good at one thing or another, but I believe each person is blessed to do something specific. While I have found much I’m good at (not bragging, just stating a fact), I’ve found nothing that I was very passionate about, that didn’t get boring after a month or so. Until then, I will search, literally and figuratively, for myself, all the while experiencing other cultures, careers (I’m a temp), and people. I look forward to my adventures and I can’t wait.

One last thing to know about me is that I love God with all of my heart and would, literally, be nothing without Him. I continue on only because of His love and mercy.