An Imperfect Diamond

Most of the time I am quite lighthearted and I don’t participate in deep thinking. This is most of the time a good thing as I am merely enjoying the moment and not succumbing to the recesses of my mind. Often times when this happens, I retreat into myself and am not the usually happy-go-lucky person. However, there are other times when I am skipping along the path of life and a bright flower of knowledge catches my eye. This type of deeper thinking is good though because it inspires me to learn more about whatever has caught my attention, which in turn, enriches my life.

The word Paragon is the bright flower that caught my eye this morning. Like many words, it has different contexts, but one general meaning. Referencing the Google definition(s) that popped up when I searched the word, paragon is:

  • a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.
  • a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence
  • a perfect diamond of 100 carats or more

They have varying contexts in their meaning, but all in all, it means perfection or the thing or person upheld as perfection. If we’re going by broad standards of  perfection, it is one without blemish, innocence, cleanliness, something sweet and/or virtuous. However, I also like to think perfection is subjective. The saying “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” comes to mind. No, beauty is not perfection, but it’s the same principle. What one person might deem as perfect another might see a flaw.

My second cup of coffee is imperfect to me this morning because it doesn’t have my beloved Coffee-Mate French Vanilla creamer in it. Because of my new health standards and because I am doing Insanity, I only allow myself one cup of coffee with creamer. My second cup of coffee is not bad, and it’s a taste that I’ve acquired and enjoy; however, it is not perfect to me. There are those, like my father, who love their coffee black. To him, this would be a perfect cup of coffee.

In my opinion, no one and nothing is perfect. Perhaps it/they are perfect to the human mind, but speaking from my beliefs, the only being that is perfect is God. There are those who don’t share my beliefs, and the previous statement was not intended to make anyone uncomfortable, but is merely sharing my opinion of what people see various things or people as being the idea of perfection. Perfection is something to strive toward but cannot and will not ever be achieved. My idea of achieving the closest thing to perfection is to form a closer relationship with God, which in my mind, makes me better at everything else I do or achieve because He is helping me. For others, it is perhaps to practice something endlessly, dedicate themselves to perfecting an art or an idea in order to get as close to perfection as possible.

My point is: Perfection is subjective and can never be fully achieved, but it can be striven for. It is perhaps a good thing that we never achieve perfection so that we’re always continuing, always  trying to improve but enjoying the process, and therefore, life.

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2 thoughts on “An Imperfect Diamond

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. I often hear that some people have perfect vision or perfect pitch, but I agree with you that nothing is perfect, so these people probably see things really well and they are able to sing good.


    • In the context of singing well or any art, there is a foundation of perfection achieved in order to gain skill. Perhaps what wasn’t clear was that in the grand scheme of things, especially in relation to God, no one and nothing is perfect. However, there is a level of skill that can be attained by practice. A singer reaches perfect pitch either by pure talent and/or practice, but the growing of that skill and what is achieved is never finished or perfect. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. It is only my second, but I hope to make future posts more concise, coherent with a rounded idea. Thank you.


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